Used Equipment

Industrial Surplus World (ISW) buys and sells everything in a manufacturing, production or distribution environment.

ISW has a network of buyers in the United States. Daily, we contact our suppliers and vendors, factories, plants, manufacturing and distribution facilities looking for used equipment, machines, excess inventory, scrap metal, and OEM products.

Industrial Surplus World offers the largest selection of used industrial surplus. We offer the best prices and the best valve.

  • See these featured products and categories:
  • Used Air Handling Equipment
  • Used Chemical Processing Equipment
  • Used CNC Equipment and CNC Machines
  • Used Dust Collection Equipment
  • Used Electrical Equipment
  • Used Electronics Equipment
  • Used Fabrication Equipment
  • Used Finishing Equipment
  • Used Heat Treating Equipment
  • Used Inspection Equipment
  • Used Machine Tools
  • Used Material Handling Equipment
  • Used Motors, Actuators, and Generators
  • Used Packaging Equipment
  • Used Parts Washing Equipment
  • Used Plastics Equipment
  • Used Printing Equipment
  • Used Pumps & Hydraulics
  • Used Robots & Robotic Equipment
  • Used Machine Shop Equipment
  • Used Tooling Equipment
  • Used Welding Equipment

TOLL-FREE PHONE:  1-800-759-6048


United States and Canada


Let us know what you need, and we can help you.



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