Industrial Surplus World Are Heavy Equipment Buyers

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Industrial Surplus World are used heavy equipment buyers.  We buy heavy equipment from all states:  Texas, California, Florida, Minnesota, Indiana, and more.  We also buy heavy equipment from Canada and Mexico.  If you have heavy equipment for sale, then let us make you an offer.  We are fast, and we can pay in cash! We are always in need of heavy equipment.  Put our number in your phone. If you have heavy equipment for sale, then call us. We provide the best in customer service!
We are always looking to buy:
  • Forklifts
  • Front-end loaders
  • Dozers
  • Cranes
  • Backhoes
  • Dump trucks
  • All types of heavy equipment


We can evaluate your equipment with only the model number, serial number, description and pictures. We will email you a confirmed offer. If the offer is accepted, we will send a cashiers check or  offer a bank-to-bank wire transfer.  As soon as payment has been received, we will send a truck to pick up the purchased equipment.  We keep the process very easy for you when you chose Industrial Surplus World.
We would also buy all types of construction equipment and tools.  Keep Industrial Surplus World in mind for any and all of your surplus equipment needs!
TOLL FREE PHONE:  1-800-759-6048 

The Basics Of Operating A Forklift

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What are the basics to operating a forklift?

I’m not an expert with forklifts, so I did some research and listed some references to get more information about operating a forklift.  You will find there are more things to consider than you may have thought, like the load weight, OSHA requirements, having a license, or knowing an inexperienced forklift operator can be dangerous.

Forklifts look simple.  They scoot around and slide from station to station at a modest pace of 5 – 10 miles an hour.  They look harmless.  The back wheels turn and the tail of the machine swings out.  It reminds you of a bumper car at an amusement park.  But it is not!  A loaded forklift can be very dangerous to its driver and to anyone that gets in its path if safety is not taken into account.

Below are a list of some basic considerations when operating a forklift:

  • Make sure the forklift is in good condition.  There are no leaks, and all of the controls are functioning properly.
  • Inspect the forklift with a quick “walk-around”. Ensure there are no cracks in the steel or bends in the length of the fork.  Fork damage can be very hazardous.
  • Check for any loose bolts or warning lifts, and all of the fluids are at their specified levels.
  • Check the roll cage.  The roll cage cage is there to protect you should the forklift fall over.
  • Always wear a seat belt.  You do not want the forklift to rollover and you find yourself underneath it.
  • Be aware of the lift capacity and never lift more weight than maximum lift weight.
  • Never drive forward with your forks raised
  • Before driving the forklift, become familiar with all of the controls.
  • While driving the forklift, always maintain a clear line of sight.  Never carry a package that blocks your view or line of sight.
  • Only certified forklift operators should operate a forklift
  • Know how the brake system works.  Is it soft or hard? Does it come to quick halt or is it a progressive stop?  A quick halt can cause your package to become unstable.
  • Check if the horn works.  You can not blow your horn too much while operating a forklift.  When in doubt, blow your horn.
  • Drive with even more caution while carrying a load or while pedestrians are near.  Move slower, and keep your eyes alert.
  • Never allow anyone to walk underneath raised forks, especially if it has a load.
  • Remember the tail of the truck swings out during a turn.  Be aware of pedestrians and equipment that may be in your way
  • Never driver over anything and believe that it will okay.  It will not!

Brought to you by Industrial Surplus World.  We buy and sell forklifts both operational and non-operational, nationwide.

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Forklift Buyers

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Industrial Surplus World is the nation’s leading buyer and seller of new and used forklifts. Based in Houston, Texas, we buy operational and non-functional forklifts of all brands — Mitsubishi, Caterpillar®, Jungheinrich®, Toyota®, and more.We offer attractive prices for your used and surplus forklifts. We provide honest evaluations of your equipment and purchase a wide range of forklifts , operational and non-functional. We buy all major manufacturers.

Contact us today to discover how we can make disposing of your surplus forklifts.

We look forward to working with you.

forklift buyers


Forklifts For You

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Cushion Tire Forklift

Do we have the right forklift for you – any size, any type, and manufacturer.

If you need a forklift today, then don’t waste your time.  Call us directly at 1-800-759-6048.

We will analyze your forklift needs and fit you with a forklift that works for you in price and valve.

Our experts will help you to determine the best forklift for you.

In every state and in every city, we will work with you to fulfill your forklift needs.

Call us today!



Forklift Auctions

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  • Is your business in need of a facelift with a Forklift?
  • Are you looking for a Forklift Auction?
  • Are you interested in saving money when you buy from a Forklift auction?
  • Are you looking for a good price and a great deal in savings when you would buy equipment for your company in Illinois?
  • Are you looking for a Forklift buyer from any state in the United States?

It is true that you can get a better deal on equipment auctions from us.

Industrial Surplus World is your one-stop-shop for Forklifts in the United States for supplying quality used forklifts at unbeatable and unmatchable prices. Our Forklifts will save you money because we have quality, used, reconditioned forklifts at wholesale prices.

Its time to SAVE YOU MONEY!

Check out our new penny auction website at for all of your industrial surplus product needs.

At Industrial Surplus Inc. we offer appraisal service also. We will appraise your forklifts of any quantity and size and pay top dollar for it.

Forklifts are ideal for handling a heavy pallet of materials, including concrete, lumber, or bulk quantities of products. Often they are used in conjunction with a pallet jack to maneuver products down a narrow aisle of a store. If you need to rent a forklift for heavy equipment hauling, there are several definitions to keep in mind. The same goes if you’re in the market for a forklift that’s being offered for sale or if you need equipment repaired. Whether it’s new or used, a forklift can be huge help. it is so big that any company can definitely benefit from having forklifts for their constant seasonal changes and updates.

Our specialized team will ensure that your needs are taken care of by giving you quality data on our forklifts. Our forklifts have been evaluated, inspected and tested by professionals to assure guaranteed excellent performance. We buy and sell forklifts nationwide from 3000 pounds to 100,000-pound capacity.

Looking for a forklift is easy considering several local dealers may have them in stock but to find a quality forklift within your price range all you need to do is check out our forklifts at Industrial Surplus inventory and make an informed decision. We will give you immediate feedback and quotations on our products and assist you throughout your forklift buying experience.

Consider us when buying a forklift or any machinery.  At Industrial Surplus, we care about you. We care that we provide you with the best possible deal.  We want buy your used forklifts for top dollar.  And, we care because we to sell you a forklift with all the inspections and assurances intact.

Call us now at 713-644-4011 to speak to one of our highly informed agent.

We have three decades of experience in our industry.

That is why we are the best at what we do.

Key Points to Be Noted For Forklift Hire, Melbourne

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Heavylift Forklifts

Before hiring forklifts, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. Forklifts help lift heavy loads; therefore, before hiring one, it is important to do a little research on the basic features of forklifts: how high do you need to lift your load or whether you need a professional driver along with your forklift. Forklift hire Melbourne can assist you with your forklift hire, be it a long or short term deal.

Short term forklift hire is beneficial as it can be economically perfect to meet with all the demands during the busy seasonal times. Hiring it during the need is the best choice, instead of buying one that is of very less use during the quieter times of the year.

Short term forklifts hire Melbourne negates all worries regarding sudden increases in demands, unforeseen growth as well as added production shifts.

In case of attachments or…

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