We Buy Electrical Wire

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Industrial Surplus World is a buyer of  electrical, both copper and aluminum wire. Electrical wire is very common today with buildings, residential homes, utilities, and electronics.  Many people do not realize the value of electrical wire, new or used.  Both copper wire and aluminum wire can be extremely valuable.  Copper and aluminum wire are among the most common, and can be refined into many other useful products. We are buys of both aluminum and copper wire. We are a national leading buyer of electrical wire. We buy and sell electrical wire.

Copper wire is often found in home appliances and electrical devices. Electricians and utility workers frequently handle electrical wire and copper wire.

If you are an electrician, a builder, or a contractor, and you are looking for a wire buyer to sell your electrical wire. We pay top dollar for your electrical wire and all of your surplus equipment. And, we can pay in cash!

We buy all of the following electrical wire types:

  • copper wire
  • Aluminum wire
  • Insulated wire
  • THHN wire
  • MCM wire
  • Communication wire

Call us today!


WEBSITE:  https://industrialsurplusworld.com 
TOLL FREE PHONE:  1-800-759-6048 


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