Minimize the Cost Of Shutdowns and Turnarounds in the Oil and Gas Industry

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With low oil prices and the increasing need for cost control and improved project management, the importance of every decision of a Turnaround Manager has to be a calculated decision.  The planning and execution of a turnaround can be costly if it is not planned correctly.

Keeping the facility online while generating cash becomes one of the most important and significant factors.  This is where an asset recovery company such as Industrial Surplus World, could be of assistance. Industrial Surplus World could provide immediate revenue for your company by purchasing your used equipment and spare parts. This includes circuit breakers, high voltage transformers, electrical wire, scrap metal, forklifts, machines, equipment, and more. All of these items could be paid in cash quickly , generating revenue for your company during a turnaround or shutdown (STO).

Industrial Surplus World can make this process entirely simple and easy for you.  Contact us early-on during the project and allow us to be a resource from the beginning.  From the very beginning, we can identify the items of value and coordinate the disposal and removal of these items fast and quickly generating immediate cash for the turnaround and minimizing the expensive of a turnaround.

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