Millions Of Dollars Spent On Equipment and Machines For Projects That Go Unused. We Can Help!

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It is amazing how millions of dollars are spent every day on machines, equipment, and inventory items for projects that never get used.  In the end, these purchased items are disposed of with little value in return. Excess inventory is stored into inventory, indefinitely. Machines and equipment are stored and placed to the side.

At Industrial Surplus World, we can help with the excess inventory, unused machines, and equipment. We are willing to buy these items from you at great prices.  Electrical equipment, valves, pipes, machines from fortune 500 corporations are all considered. This is why we have been so successful with purchasing these items. We have worked with companies of all sizes, and no amount of excess equipment is too much. We can handle it all! We can buy it all!

In today’s society with a recovering economy, every dollar saved is a dollar earned. 

We just purchased 57 truck loads of brand new inventory. We have all industrial equipment, anything and everything that you can imagine. We have an abundant amount of inventory in stock. At Industrial Surplus World, you will find great prices and great customer service at all of our locations.

Do you need a valve or electrical equipment or tooling equipment? We got it! We got you with whatever you may need!

Visit our website at If you do not see what you need call us. 1-800-759-6048


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