Gino Parker Walks In God’s Faith

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This is rather ironic that I am a humble man with big dreams and ambitions. My ambitions take me everywhere. The irony is that I am the president of my company, Industrial Surplus Inc in Houston, Texas and fate brought me to the President of the United States‘ main ground in Washington DC at a very interesting time. It helped strengthen my faith and understand the duality of our actions and behaviors. We talk about being faithful but without conviction. Hope is the basic core of our lives. How can we have faith, if we don’t have hope?

The whole outlook in DC is rather somber as of now. Everyone is talking about the government, oil prices, and the economy. Everyone is sipping their coffee, flipping the pages of their newspaper or getting on to online discussions about the Obama administration and Congress.

The United States has been a prosperous and blessed nation. There is something about this land that has had more success stories for those who aim high and work hard than there are failures. We, the hardworking citizens of this country make America what it is today. All of us contribute to the strength and beauty of our country. Even now, even in times of confusion and chaos. America is still strong.

Our economy appears to be recovering from a few years of uncertainty.  Today, we are growing. It should be considered a tribute to ourselves. When things get tough, we push harder. And, when things force us to change. We adapt!  This is America!

I was thinking. What if we all took a dollar bill from our wallet and read what it says,”IN GOD WE TRUST”. Do we truly believe that? Do we use God’s name in vain. We need to remember how this country was built. We need to remember the core values of our country. We need to live, practice, and take pride in these words, “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

So many lives are affected from chaos, bigotry and hate. We are forgetting that God remains sovereign and present throughout all of our challenges.

I feel blessed because I trust in God.  I tell myself and everyone to trust in God and believe in Him.  I ask you to look at our past and study our history, then you will realize how far have we come? How did all of that happen? How did we accomplish so much? It’s simple, “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

It happened with God’s grace. We have always been lead by God. In the bad times and in the best of times, I  have always walked by God’s faith.


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