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It is interesting that many businessmen, athletes, movie stars are recognized for who they are,  what they do, and what they have. But there is a price that all of them pay in return for all that adulation. It is the comfort of “home”. For these people, the world becomes their “home”, and the world has a window seat to their lives.

I was thinking about this on a flight to New York because I have lived my life this way as a successful businessman.  I thought of time when I have travelled a lot for work. I remember airplanes, connecting flights and layovers at various airports. One day, I realized that I was homely. I lived in nice hotels that made me feel at home. The hotels gave me the comfort of being home with great food and great hospitality. But, I was not at home.

Looking out of a window seat on an airplane, I heard a young family behind me adjusting their luggage.  They had with them, two small infant babies. The parents seemed frustrated to get organized, situated, and comfortable.  The luggage was too big, and the babies would not be quite.  They were resilient and after a several minutes had passed, they seated with their bags stored away and children lay quiet, one child in each parent’s arms. I thought for moment as I was sat ahead of them in my seat on the plane.  I noticed that I was ahead of them in life as a father and as a person, because of my life’s experience. What they didn’t realize is that in these struggles and frustrations; they were “home”.  At the end of the day, the entire family would sleep at home in their beds, and they would be with each other.

I remember driving from a job site from one city to another with my loving wife and my young children were in the car. I valued those times, because I was at work but had my family with me. It was a choice that I made because I didn’t want my work to overshadow my responsibility as a father. Today, I chuckle thinking about those times, because being a father is a more daunting task than anything else. It was a personal achievement of sorts to manage everything together and still be able to continue earning a livelihood for my family. I believe that I taught everyone in my family circle the value of being grateful and still today, my family adheres with those values and morals of being grateful and thankful to have one another.

Was it my being a pioneer in industrial surplus and equipment buying a reason for my family to be connected to me? Or, is it the fact that I instilled in them morals and values at an early age? I could believe it is the latter because sometimes the only requirement of being a father is simply “show up and be there”.  I showed up. I showed up at every event, juncture, program, or spotlight of their lives. I was there for my family. Even though it was difficult for me as a young ambitious businessman to keep my family intact, I knew that I was doing the right thing. I did not let go! I did not let go of my wife or my children for the sake of  making money. My family and I worked together. Having a car filled with my children, my wife and our mutual dreams of a better tomorrow was “home” for me. It was an inspiration to keep on adding miles to travels and destinations. It allowed us to grow with each other and for one another.

As I reflect on my life as I stare through this window, I will always be grateful to my family. Because I have my family, I am always “home”, no matter where I am.  I miss my wife and children.

About the Author

Gino Parker started out by helping companies clear out their yards from outdated surplus items they had. Today, he purchases surplus equipment and help companies to clear their property of unneeded scrap metals. He saw profit out of reselling Asset Recovery items to customers nationwide. Since then, Industrial Surplus, Inc. has been dealing with big companies and corporations to help them liquidate surplus equipment and inventory. He has 18 lay down yards all across the nation with a corporate office in Houston, Texas.

WEBSITE: http://industrialsurplusworld.com


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