DeLaval Centrifuge

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The first centrifugal separator was created by Gustaf de Laval which later was called the DeLaval centrifuge. Its creation was due to the fact that the earlier means to separate cream from milk was done by allowing the milk sit for a given time and let the cream float to the top and then manually skimmed off. By eliminating the need for milk to just sit in order to get the cream and extract the it fast keeps the milk from getting sour and then wasted.

Industrial Surplus Inc. is now in the business of buying and selling surplus industrial centrifuges like surplus harples decanter centrifuges, surplus Delaval centrifuges, surplus peeler centrifuges, surplus flottweg decanter centrifuges, and more. Industrial Surplus Inc. will offer the best prices and top dollar for the centrifuges and sell them for low prices for your Centrifuge needs.

A recent industrial centrifuge for sale was a DeLaval centrifuge was for a ten horse powered Delaval Auto Desludger centrifuge. The centrifuge is made with stainless steel with a deep sludge cover and includes a two way clarifier with ten direct connect clutch motor drive. The centrifuge’s worm wheel and tachometer was rated for eighteen hundred revolutions per minute with its revolution counter range between one hundred forty-two to one hundred fifty revolutions per minute. It was last used for food additive processing.

When buying or looking for the best DeLaval centrifuge, always make sure to deal with a company that has experience with clout to handle such equipment. Industrial Surplus Inc. is one of the pioneers in industrial centrifuge surplus in the nation. The company buys and sells many types, sizes, and makes of centrifuges. Various operations and businesses demand numerous types of centrifuges and many times it gets hard to search for them in one place which is why Industrial Surplus Inc. is now getting into this industry.

At Industrial Surplus Inc. we always make sure that all of our industrial centrifuges are in tip top shape. Centrifuge repair and maintenance is our main concern. Call us at 713-644-4011 to talk to our people to help you to find the right centrifuge that will fit your every need. 




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