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You need to find someone reputable to handle your disposal and recycling needs. Only deal with companies that are knowledgeable in transformer oil disposal and have proven their qualifications through years in the business. Companies need also to be outfitted with the proper certifications and permits in order to be compliant with State and Federal regulations. Look for a company that has certifications/permits in oil disposal and recycling of oils that contain PCB’s.

An upstanding company will take the time to answer all your disposal questions. Feel free to ask about their process, how they test the oil for contaminants, and how they recycle the oil depending on its PCB levels. A reputable company will be willing to take the time you need, and provide you the documentation and proof that your transformer oil is being disposed of properly. Reduce your liability by dealing with a knowledgeable disposal business and following the proper protocols.

Besides finding a reputable company, you will also want to make sure that your chosen disposal company has the proper insurance coverage in order to safeguard yourself against further liabilities. In addition, does the company have the appropriate equipment that is required for your scenario? If it is a rather large transformer that you are dealing with, then you will want a company that has the appropriate size equipment.  Furthermore, does your chosen company have the adequate staff numbers to deal with your transformer oil disposal and possible disposal of the transformer itself? If they do not have the appropriate equipment or staff members, do they have access to gain the required equipment?

Overall, you can see that disposing of your transformer oil will take some research on your part. Remain safe and environmentally cautious in order to avoid possible fines and liabilities.


transformer oil disposal


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