Industrial Surplus World Buy and Sell Valves

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We got the valves that will fit – financially, performance and quality!
We want to buy any kind of valves, of any size, from anywhere!
We pay the most!
If you have overstock, leftovers, discontinued inventory, new or used.
Then, we want to bought it!
Industrial Surplus World have been buying inventory such as valves from top 300 Oil and Gas Companies, and leading corporations for many years.


We buy and sell ALL of the following valves:

Surplus Valves: surplus ball valves, surplus butterfly valves, surplus check valves, surplus control valves, surplus diaphragm valves, surplus gate valves, surplus globe valves, surplus knife gate valves, surplus needle valves, surplus nuclear valves, surplus plug valves, surplus solenoid valves, surplus boiler valves, surplus angle seat valves, surplus pressure relief valves, and surplus backflow preventers. 

Call us today at 713-644-4011 or 1-800-759-6048 

We offer nationwide service in US and Canada.


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