Industrial Surplus World Buys And Sells Electrical Transformers

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TRANSFORMERS [Electrical equipment auction, government surplus auction, transformers]

Industrial Surplus Inc. understands the importance of technology oftransformers. Our AC electricity would not operate without them – so imagine the horror if your transformer is defected, malfunctioning or simply not available? – It will disturb all operations and the power grid would cease to exist due to this very poignant invention in electrical engineering. This is why we always make sure we have plenty oftransformers in stock and you wouldn’t have to wait on any electrical equipment auctiongovernment surplus auction to advance your equipment and operations.

Are you looking to buy a transformer? – Are you searching and scanning through every electrical equipment auctiongovernment surplus auction available? – Well, look no further because Industrial Surplus Inc will make it easier for you – We have an incredible inventory of all the products, parts and equipment you would need at low prices. We will find that transformer for you. These are the same deals you would wish to find at your electrical equipment auctions or government surplus auctions.

We have all kinds of transformers that you would find at auctions – Instrument transformers, Electrical transformers, 3- Electrical grounding transformers and metering transformers.

At industrial surplus Inc – we also buy your unwanted materials, parts and equipments. We will offer you great pricing for Cast coil transformers, dry type transformers, liquid filled transformers and ventilated dry type transformers. We also have high voltage transformers, three-phase pad mounted transformers and transformers auxiliary.

Industrial Surplus Inc is a company that keeps its standards high and ensures reaching out to your needs. We buy and sell all kinds of surplus transformers that you may need. Feel free to visit our website at and browse over our operations and services. We ship nationwide and we will make you feel right at home when you buy or sell from us.


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