Introductions From Industrial Surplus World

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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company, one of the best innovative, full-service industrial equipment, sales and service companies, Industrial Surplus World.


Industrial Surplus World

Industrial Surplus World. buys surplus equipment from Pulp and Paper Mills, Power Plants, Oilfield companies, Refineries, etc NATIONWIDE. Not only do we purchase surplus equipment and inventory from large corporations, but we also sell industrial equipment for low affordable prices. We use our direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience and unique administrative skills to keep our customers happy.


Proudly serving across the nation for more than 20 years, Industrial Surplus Inc. has not only developed a strong reputation for exceeding industry safety standards, but also for its extensive quality assurance and control. The services and products that Industrial Surplus Inc. offers meet industry standards in the most efficient and economical manner possible. Our team has compiled an extensive list of customers, vendors and contacts for equipment to better ensure that we meet our customer’s needs.


Our staff of certified, highly trained technicians is ready and equipped to take on any job you have. We look forward to serving your needs. Call me today for a phone consultation at 713-644-4011 or toll-free 1-800-759-6048.


Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.


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