Industrial Surplus World Announces Nationwide Valve Buying Trip

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Industrial Surplus Inc, North America’s pioneer surplus seller launches a nationwide campaign to buy new, used and surplus valves. This exclusive campaign does not just target at Valves only but a variety of surplus equipment, machinery and scrap metals.

Industrial Surplus announced today that they will be making a buying trip to several cities and states nationwide to buy new, used and surplus valves. The president of Industrial Surplus, Gino Parker believes that often many businesses are not aware of the kind of money that is lying within their yards in surplus material. Often this material is over-ordered, not inventoried and miscalculated.

Industrial Surplus Inc. provides the best service to help recover the most money for company’s Surplus Assets. For example: Ferguson Enterprises contacted Industrial Surplus to help with their FNW Surplus Valves. A representative flew to Ferguson’s headquarters and provided them with a quote for their entire FNW list that they consider Surplus or overstocked. Ferguson Enterprises was paid upfront and the Surplus Valves were shipped to customers overseas, who was in need of this exact quality of Surplus Valves.

These are the types of valves that Industrial Surplus is looking forward to purchasing during a buying trip. If there is a need to sell or dispose of any of the above mentioned valves for the asset recovery value in the industry then contact Industrial Surplus. They buy and stock various brands and manufactures for example:

  •     Fisher Control Valves
  •     Crane Valves
  •     Bonny Forge
  •     WKM Valves
  •     Tyco Valves
  •     Xomox-Tuflin Valves
  •     Durco Valves
  •     Smith Valves
  •     Rosemount Valves
  •     Foxborro Valves
  •     Aloyco Valves
  •     Bettis
  •     Consolidated Anderson Greenwood
  •     Swagelock
  •     Velan


For more information please watch this video


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