Creating The Perfect Sale

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In today’s society where people are specific and demanding to “have it their way”, it makes it very difficult for a salesman or a company to maintain loyalty from its customers. Customers today want the lowest price but have the best quality. Companies struggle to keep their customers. This issue can be overcome by following good sales methods.

What is the perfect sale? It is when a customer enjoys their purchase experience so much that they want to and are willing to make another purchase from your company.

Many companies, agencies, or salesmen apply tremendous effort to create a sale from leads and marketing. This document explains broadly the idea of the perfect sale. The perfect sale may vary from person to person or from company to company slightly. In summary, the perfect sale is when a customer is willing to make another purchase from you. It requires tenacity, courtesy, discipline, and commitment to obtain the perfect sale. The perfect sale includes what happens before the actual sale, what happens during the sale, and the post sale steps to maintain customer loyalty. The goal of any salesman is to have the customer to enjoy his or her experience from first contact onward.

Below are good steps to follow when creating the perfect sale:

  • Introduce yourself and your company through many mediums such as our website, social media, newsletter, and other advertising avenues. Be consistent and have the same message or theme with all correspondence. The customer should feel appreciated.
  • When a there is a sale, accept the purchase with gratitude. Then, gather information about the buyer such as name, contact, address, and email information. This information will become invaluable to build a mailing list.
  • Work diligently to give the customer the best price and the best value for any and all products or services.
  • After the sale has been completed, always thank the customer.
  • Continue to follow up with the customer(s) via email, phone, or in person. Thank the customer again for the purchase.
  • Listen to each complaint or concern from a customer. Work to resolve each and every issue a customer may have.

By following these steps above at a high level, it will create customer loyalty and repeat sales.

Over a period of time, customers will feel appreciated and grateful for making a purchase with you or your company. By making the customer feel special, it creates the perfect sale.


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