Industrial Surplus World Provide Non-Destructive Testing To Buy NDT Film

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ndt film processing

Industrial Surplus Inc. announces services to all the companies that have, deal or associate with Non Destructive Testing Film to buy the NDT film at better than industry rates and assure that these films will be safely taken out allowing the companies to continue doing business and operations without being worried or spending time in finding a buyer for NDT film.

Lately, there has been several cases of X-Ray film theft which has been an eye opening to several industrial and medical associations about their choices in selling their X-ray film. In May 2013 there was an X-ray Film scam in North Carolina’s orthopedic clinic. Around 17,300 X-ray films were exposed to harvest silver out of them when sold to an Ohio-based X-ray film recycling company. “That is why we realized that we have to be more careful about our practices as well. There is so much greed in today’s society that nothing is spared from it. Our personal data is out there to be abused for a little money is scary” – said Gino Parker, President of Industrial Surplus Inc.

Industrial Surplus Inc. has various branches and representatives that are HIPAA certified and follow all state and general laws with disposing of X-ray films. “My advice to anyone looking for an X-Ray film recycling company is to always ask for a certificate of destruction so you know that these X-ray films have been destroyed. That’s the only way to protect the patient information that needs to be confidential” adds, Gino Parker.

Safety and responsibility are two prime factors in assuring that the X-Ray film has been disposed and the job was accomplished properly. No amount of money should be worth the information that does not need public exposure.

Industrial Surplus Inc. has thirty years of experience also in buying and selling surplus materials and equipment. Industrial Surplus’s warehouse is based in Houston, Texas along with 18 lay down yards all over the states. The company also purchases scrap metal and wiring at unbeatable, unmatchable prices along with buying and selling industrial surplus equipment.


CALL US:  1-800-759-6048


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