Classic Air Winch

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Industrial Surplus World is seeking to expand its air tuggers and winches product line.  We are buying and selling air winches and air tuggers.

air Tugger
air Tugger

Classic Winch Series

1,000 lb (454 kg) and 2,000 lb (909 kg) Capacities

Serving the construction and maintenance industries for more than fifty years, the BU7A and EU model Ingersoll Rand air winches have become the industry standard.

Economically priced, these proven performers offer exceptional quality and value. Both winches are available with automatic band brakes and remote controls.


Radial Piston Motor

  • Provides positive starting with precise load control.

Built to Last

  • All pinion shafts are splined for maximum power transmission and longevity. Ball and roller bearings reduce friction, increase efficiency.

Enclosed Construction

  • Keeps out dirt and dust and seals in oil and grease for complete lubrication of all moving parts

Disengaging clutch

  • Allows the drum to free-wheel for easy unwinding of the wire rope. Not available with auto brakes

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