Industrial Surplus World Launch Partnership Program with Industrial Companies

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As the global economy continues to struggle to recover from nearly a decade-long recession, many companies  are looking for alternative methods to save money and reduce costs.  “Maximize efficiencies” is the new focus that companies have come to target.  After reducing labor costs and shrinking administrative costs, the easy tasks of becoming profitable or helping the bottom line have been completed.  The easy tasks are often referred to as the “low hanging fruit”, because they are easy to reach and easy to handle.  The tough task of finding more saving opportunities and generating more revenue become much more difficult.  Large companies are leaning heavily on their suppliers to reduce costs but still provide the same quality product and service.  Supply chain management and logistics are key toward managing unwarranted and unneeded costs.  Companies are turning toward supply chain management , vertical alignment, and partnership programs to help increase profits for all shareholders.  There is a simple analogy and example, “if Toyota is successful, then it’s vendors and suppliers benefit as well.”

Industrial Surplus World’s (ISW) partnership program is designed to alleviate the logistics and costs associated with warehouse surplus inventory, scrap metal, and used equipment.   On a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, Industrial Surplus can organize a pickup and delivery of surplus inventory and equipment.  This exclusive partnership agreement will eliminate the carrying costs of excess inventory being stored on campus or in a warehouse.  It would eliminate the need for logistics of managing unneeded inventory and waste.  Joining ISW partnership program has proven to be a great benefit for both parties.  Industrial Surplus can afford to offer the best prices and value with its partners because the longevity nature of the partnership.  Therefore, both partners benefit.

Industrial Surplus World has been in business for more than 25 years.  It’s continued growth illustrates its commitment and exemplifies its stability.  Industrial Surplus would be the ideal supplier to consider for a long term commitment and relationship.

In business since 1974, Gino Parker started Industrial Surplus World,  by helping companies to clear out their salvage yards from outdated surplus items and scrap metal the company no longer needed.  After making a consistent profit from selling these items locally in the Houston area and in the New York area, Industrial Surplus World soon began to sell these items nationwide.  Buying and selling used equipment eventually became known as asset recovery.  Industrial Surplus World is now one of the largest asset recovery and scrap metal companies in the United States.  The business has expanded  to include X-ray film recycling, circuit breaker recycling,  building demolition, excavation, and more.  Industrial Surplus World has also expanded into Canada.



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