The basic differences between ball valve and gate valve

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Ball, Gate, and Globe Industrial Valve Supplier in Canada

Plumbing and pipe repairing generally involves working on valves, bends and of course pipes. The most common method for controlling liquid flow in pipes is the ball valve or gate valve and these parts and their spares are an important part of any respectable plumber’s toolbox. These forms of valves are quite common due to their ease of use in controlling liquid flow both horizontally as well as vertically. Several reputed companies have forayed into valve supply and you can find a good ball valve supplier as well as a gate valve supplier on the internet.

A normal ball valve Calgary works on a pretty basic principle of controlling liquid. There are two pipes that are interconnected by a valve and this valve controls the flow. Inside the valve is a ball that has a hole in the middle and whenever the hole is aligned with the pipes, the liquid…

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