SEO is not dead; it’s reincarnated

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Industrial Surplus World practices SEO, daily.  We implement every SEO technique known to man.  As Google continues to modify and change its algorithm, we adjust. We change our strategy, update our website, landing pages, content, social media, and so forth. Based on research and expertise, we set forth to increase our website traffic with improved page-ranking, using the new Google algorithm.   It’s similar to playing darts, blindfolded, and the target is constantly moving.

The new Google algorithm that should use more conversational language is the most challenging yet.  Web developers can only have so many characters for meta data such as keywords and descriptions.

My suggestion will be to focus your efforts on Google+ and YouTube.  Google continues to incorporate Google+ data as part of its algorithm.  You should focus on contributing to other social medias as well such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

When your website keywords and description is not enough, theses social sites can add more validity to your search results.

Good luck!


The Sweet'n Lowdown


Contrary to what some business writers are reporting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not dead.

It’s just not as easy to manipulate anymore. You can’t simply stress about your website’s PageRank or play keyword roulette to outperform the competition.

Google recently announced six major changes that will forever alter SEO behavior.

They are:

1) All organic searches are now secure, meaning that keyword data for website users is no longer available.

2) PageRank may be disappearing, so other real world measurements would be used to determine a website’s rank.

3) Google’s hummingbird algorithm makes exact keyword searches less important. Conversational search queries will be more than encouraged — they will become the norm.

4) Google+ gains serious SEO cred.

5) Google lends greater SEO weight to authors who write stuff that draws a strong response.

6) In-depth articles will fetch more attention.

What does all this mean? Content marketing will…

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