Real Seo Work Begins With A Website Structure

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Industrial Surplus World SEO Foundation Blocks
SEO Foundation Blocks

It is perfectly fine to have a website online.  The website can be published with every possible search engine including Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and so forth.  If the website has poor structure then you can find that your website may struggle to gain traffic.

What is website structure? Website structure is having the proper title tag and description.  It is having the appropriate H1 and H2 tags using the tailing keywords. It is having the keywords defined and meta data defined.  Having the appropriate ALT attributes for images and using the SEO compatible URLs.  It is having the appropriate ratio of text to images on a web page.  It is having and maintaining an up to date sitemap in both XML and HTML format.

Having a website with the proper website structure can be more beneficial than any other aspect of SEO and Internet Marketing when it comes to building website traffic.  Website structure is having a website that is SEO compliant and ready.  It is the very foundation of a website. Imagine a house built with a poor foundation, every aspect of the house condition, efficiency, comfort, lifespan could be affected negatively if the house has a poor foundation. The same negative impact could affect a website that has a poor foundation or website structure.  A poor foundation on a website will impact the profitability and traffic to your website.  It could make your voice (website) go unheard and unseen.

When building a website, do not under estimate the importance of having a SEO compliant website.  Building traffic to a website can be relatively easy or it feel as if you’re swimming upstream. Having the the proper website structure can make building website traffic much easier.  Instead of feeling as if you’re swimming upstream against the current of the water, it will feel more relaxed and easier to build website traffic.

We work hard to keep our website SEO compliant here at  It is an everyday task for us!



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