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As part of our aggressive internet marketing agenda, we have launched our secondary website called  This site will be fast, quick, and easy to locate specific information.  With our primary website containing over 7000 web pages, visitors can sometimes get lost in the website.  Therefore, we have launched this marketing website to target customers specifically at a high level, to help locate the information they seek quickly and more easily.

The website website work hand-in-hand with our primary website  The information will be near the same on both websites.  The objective is to over quick our customers an alternative and fast way to locate information about Industrial Surplus.

We are excited about our new website, and we look forward to offering you the best possible service as we continue to strive to become your one and only industrial company for surplus material, scrap metal, demolition services, x-ray film recycling, equipment buying and selling.  Our commitment to excellence has not wavered.

Call us today at 713-644-4011 for all of your surplus material needs.


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