Industrial Surplus is a Difficult Market to Apply SEO Tools

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The industrial surplus industry is a difficult market to apply SEO tools because it’s not a hot topic for casual internet surfers. Industrial content is more business-to-business, which is not attractive to the casual web surfer. It is the “backside” of business where the grunt work is done. People who search for industrial content may first get bombarded with massage parlors, hair salons, or restaurants on their internet browser before they get their desired business or industrial information.

The industrial-mechanical community, who once relied on yellow pages and trade magazines are slowly coming around and joining the internet world. Today, there are more industrial-mechanical companies implementing SEO techniques on the internet to have high search engine results. These companies are beginning to consider Google before yellow pages and trade magazines.

It is a very good idea to have a website on the internet with any business. The industrial-mechanical businesses should have websites as well. They should maintain their websites, keep them up to date, and practice good SEO techniques.

Last week, here at Industrial Surplus World, we went through at least a thousand or more webpages on our website to make sure that all of pages did not have any HTML errors, misspelled words, duplicate content, mulitple H1 or title tags. Although it was a very time consuming and painful task, it was worth it. Our website was being penalized by major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and MSN for having these issues with the website. It was a daunting task because the website is large and complex, with more than 5000 web pages.

Having your website search engine compliant and without errors requires a lot of work. Most mature websites eventually will accumulate a few errors here and there. It is important to monitor your website errors and attempt to resolve them as quickly as possible. There are webmaster tools such as Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools to help you identify these errors.

An error page can be costly to your search engine results because Google and Bing tend to ignore these pages that have errors, multiple title tags or H1 tags. Too many errors can be counter-productive to your internet marketing efforts.

It is also very important to keep your website fresh with new content. Having fresh daily content will keep web surfers interested with your website. Also, search engines such as Google will crawl and index your website more frequently if your website continues to be updated. Here at Industrial Surplus World, we produce new content daily as part of our SEO practice.

Follow us on as we continue to implement search engine initiatives.



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