Air Tuggers and Air Winches Used for Lifting Heavy Jobs

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air Tugger
air Tugger

Air Tuggers and Air Winches are used to handle heavy equipment. They are ever present in the industry where heavy lifting and large equipment is being used such as construction, mining, offshore oil, heavy industrial, refineries, utilities, shipbuilding, and petrochemical. Air Tuggers provide 1,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs lifting capacity. Air Tuggers are simple, yet rugged machines. They are extremely reliable machines. They are called Air Tuggers because they have “air” run motors used to lift and tug at heavy equipment. Air Tuggers have an extraordinary loading capability, referred to as “spotting” ability.

Air Tuggers have speed control that can move from a slow creep to a full speed. Speed control is great for pulling and positioning heavy jobs. It gives an operator effortless ability to move and place heavy equipment with precision.

Because of the “air” run motors, Air Tuggers never burn out. They can run forever, even when stalled or strained. Stalling causes no damage to the air tuggers. The reliability of an Air Tugger is uncanny. Weather conditions such as wet, cold, hot, dry, dusty, muddy, or dirty cause little to no effect on the performance of an Air Tugger / Air Winch. This make an Air Tugger a very low risk machine.

Industrial Surplus buys and sells air tuggers and air winches.



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