Industrial Surplus Chooses Geo Targeting For SEO

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geo targeting
geo targeting

Many companies use different SEO techniques to create traffic to their website.  Many companies hire SEO Strategist to help them create website traffic.

One of the techniques of knowing if your website has increased traffic is to perform some analytics.  Analytics is statistical data about your website.  It explains who visited your website, what they were looking for, what pages they viewed, and how often they visited your website.  This is great information.  The information can include demographics such as country, region, state, city, and even illustrate the computer device type and the operating system a visitor used.  Again, this is great information for a company who practices SEO.

If you dig deeper into SEO, deeper than the high level analysis and strategy of SEO, it will become clear that targeting customers in a region or area is important to consider with your SEO Strategy.  A person who searches for “industrial surplus equipment” who lives in New Jersey will get a different search result from someone who lives in Houston.  Here is how Google explains it, “Google’s goal is to return the most relevant and useful sites in response to a user query. As a result, the results we show to a user in Ireland may vary from the results returned to a user in France.”

Google uses its tools such as Webmaster Tools, Google+, and Google Places to help identify location information.  As a company or a SEO Strategist, it is important to make sure your business uses all three of Google’s tools, in addition to your website being current and fresh.

Keep all of your content up to date, and your webmaster tools free of any issues.  This is good practice of a SEO Strategist.

We practice this at Industrial Surplus World.



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    […] Industrial Surplus Chooses Geo Targeting For SEO ( […]


    […] Industrial Surplus Chooses Geo Targeting For SEO ( […]


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