Forklift Market Share In The United States

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Have you ever wondered about the market share of Forklifts?  Which company is considered the best seller of forklifts?  It can make you think.

Am I buying the best forklift available?  Can I find the appropriate amount of service and support?  What will my resale value be? Should I buy new or used? Should I purchase, rent, or lease?  These are a few of the questions you may ask yourself before purchasing a forklift.

This document helps to answer this question by listing the market share of forklifts in the United States.


TOP 10 Manufacturers

Rank Company 2008 Rank 2009 Revenue US Brands Headquarters
1 Toyota Industries Corp. 1 $4.6 billion Toyota, Raymond Aichi, Japan
2 Kion Group 2 $4.1 billion Linde, Still, OM,Baoli Wiesbaden,Germany
3 Jungheinrich Lift TruckCorp. 3 $2.3 billion Jungheinrich Hamburg,Germany
4 Crown Equipment Corp. 5 $1.6 billion Crown, Hamech New Bremen,Ohio
5 NACCO Industries 4 $1.5 billion Hyster, Yale Cleveland,Ohio
6 Mitsubishi CaterpillarForklift 6 $920 million Mitsubishi, CAT Sagamihara,Japan
7 Komatsu Utility Co. 8 $750 million Komatsu, Tusk Tokyo, Japan
8 Anhui Forklift Group 9 $668 million Heli Hefei, Anhui,China
9 Nissan Forklift Corp. 7 $624 million Nissan, Barrett,Atlet Tokyo, Japan
10 TCM Corp. $593 million TCM Tokyo, Japan



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