GINO DIARIES: In the President’s Land – Chapter 2

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This is rather ironic that I am a humble man with big dreams and ambitions. My ambitions take me everywhere. The irony is that I am the President of my company in Houston and fate took me to the President of the United States‘ main ground in Washington DC at a very interesting time. It helped strengthen my faith and understand the duality of our actions and behaviors. We talk about being faithful but with no hope. Hope is the basic core of our lives. How can we have faith, if we have no hope?

The whole outlook in DC is rather somber as of now. Everyone is talking about the government shut down. Everyone is sipping their coffee, flipping their newspaper pages or getting in online discussions about this pow-wow that the Obama administration is having with the Congress.

United States has been a prosperous and a blessed nation. It is something about this land that has more success stories for those who try, persevere and aim high than failures. We make America and America was made by us. All of us. Even now, even in times of confusion and chaos. America is still running. The TV shows are being played as programmed. The revenue stream is being streamlined further.

Our economy may face a severe inflation in weeks to come. Christmas this year will be a rather expensive holiday than what it should be or it has been. All thanks to these unstable decisions that we, my countrymen are making for each other.

The wisdom of being in power is compromised by the power to being right. As I am in Washington D.C, the visuals and the grim looks on everyone’s faces is sobering. There has been a block off on Lincoln Memorial and several other sites where I would usually see flocks of enthusiastic visitors.

What if we all take a dollar bill from our pocket and look at what it says: IN GOD WE TRUST. Do we really? Or, we are trying to take God’s name in vain. We so arrogantly broadcast God’s name on money which is basically the root of all evil. Don’t the media pundits, the government employees and others see this irony?

So many lives are affected from this chaos.However, in all this media schemes and frenzy we are forgetting that God remains sovereign and present throughout our challenges.

God gave Egypt a famine for 7 years after 7 fulfilling years of prosperity. We harvest, we save, we build, we store and we become. Less is more, minimal life is a better way of existence in all this noise and want for more.

So with this new reassured faith, I tell myself and everyone who is involved in these noisy conversations that are only blame games, name calling, hostility creating, finger pointing and haggling tactics about how our future. It goes  no where.  I ask you to look at our past, check our history and know how far have we come? How did all that happen, and why does it continue to happen again, and again?

It happened with God’s grace. We have always been lead by God. In times like this, in the best or worst conditions, we have always walked by God’s faith and not by sight.


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