America Is Still the Land Of Opportunity

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Yesterday, was Columbus Day in the United States.  It is a day that we have come to accept as a day of reflection, appreciate how far we have come (as a nation), and how much farther we have to go.

As  I sit back and think about Columbus Day, I think of the first settlers of the United States.  I think of how opportunity (for success) was abundant, and how someone who demonstrated hard work and drive could take advantage of the opportunity the country offered to prosper.  I wonder if I was given the same opportunity today as there was in infancy days of America,  would I prosper.  I can not believe that life then (in general) was fair and attractive.  But, I am confident things were not made easy for early settlers of the United States as they are still not easy today.  “Life is work, and to have a good life requires hard work.”

As a child in the United States, we were taught “America is the land of opportunity”, where freedom rings loud and all men (or women) are afforded the same opportunities to succeed and prosper.

Gino Parker started his Industrial Surplus company with only a dream and faith.  Today, he owns and operates one the largest Industrial Surplus companies in the United States.  He still maintains faith as I see him each week lead his employees in prayer, still committed to his dream of operating his own business.

I admire Gino for what he has accomplished with his business.  It teaches me that even today, long after Christopher Columbus was said to have discovered America, opportunity still rings loud in America.  “Let Freedom Ring! America is still the land of opportunity!”


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