I want to buy a forklift

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Are you planning to purchase a forklift?

What should you consider when buying a forklift?

What things should I know?

There are many forklift manufacturers and many different kinds of forklifts.

You should begin by knowing some general information about your needs.  If you are replacing and existing forklift, then you will have a better idea of the limitations of the previous forklift, then try not to duplicate the same limitations in your new forklift purchase.  This document discuss forklift purchase as if you never have had a forklift before.

Consider the following items before purchasing a forklift:

Query the environment the forklift will be used for.  Will it operate completely indoors or will it operate outdoors most of the time with weather conditions?

How long will the forklift operator work in the truck.  If a forklift operator will be in the truck 8 hours a day, then you may want to consider a sit-down rider.

Think of the object that the forklift will be used to pick up and move.  Think of the locations, the travel distance, and the weight of the objects.  Perhaps, you need a forklift with a long reach and can rise to 60 feet.  Maybe, it will only be used to carry pallets or move small boxes; therefore, only a small lightweight forklift is needed.

Consider the aisles, travel space, and the conditions the forklift will operate.  Will it travel on rough terrain?  Because the travel space is narrow, you may need a narrow forklift with rough terrain tires.

Consider the engine type:  Electric, Gasoline, Diesel, or Liquid Propane.

Tires are important.  Cushion tires are for indoor use only.  Pneumatic can be for either indoor or outdoor.

Lift weight.  Consider the maximum amount that you may ever lift with the forklift.

Safety features.  All forklifts come with a vast amount of different safety features.


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    […] I want to buy a forklift (industrialsurplusworld.wordpress.com) […]


    […] I want to buy a forklift (industrialsurplusworld.wordpress.com) […]


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    […] I want to buy a forklift (industrialsurplusworld.wordpress.com) […]


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